Boosters defend Joe Biden over coverage of his pricey watches

A fluffy fashion story on President Joe Biden’s pricey taste in timepieces is drawing bitter pushback from lefty defenders on social media.

“Headlines complaining about Biden’s Peloton and Rolex after 4 years of a dude with a literal gold toilet are beyond parody,” Laura Bassett, a writer for GQ, tweeted Friday.

The anger was directed at The New York Times for its Friday report on the $7,000 Rolex Datejust watch that Biden — despite his cherished ordinary-Joe image — flaunted at his inauguration this week.

The ticker is one of a collection of high-end Swiss watches owned by the Scranton-born commander in chief, the report noted. Biden has also been seen wearing an Omega Speedmaster and an Omega Seamaster, each of which retails for up to $6,000.

But it’s a sharp contrast to the downmarket Timexes and Shinolas favored by most other modern Presidents, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — that is, until the luxe-loving Donald Trump arrived with his Patek Philippes and Vacheron Constantins.

The implicit criticism of the new president set off reams of angry tweets, Fox News reported.

“They must be real bored at the Times. There’s nothing else to focus on?” complained Crooked Media host Akilah Hughes. “Shut up.”

“What’s the worst presidential scandal,” pondered Vox correspondent Ian Millhiser, “the time when Biden wore a Rolex, the time when Obama ordered Dijon mustard, or the time when Trump encouraged a insurrectionist mob to violently seize the Capitol in a vain attempt to overturn an election that he lost?”

The report came days after news that Biden’s costly Peloton exercise bike might be banned from the White House because its networking features pose a security risk.