Jenna Perry is the woman behind the Bella Hadid, EmRata’s hair color

If you spot a head-turning model on the streets of NYC, chances are Jenna Perry has painted her mane.

At her East Village salon, Jenna Perry Hair, the colorist tends to the tresses of It girls Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Ratajkowski and more — and her highlighting handiwork is so in-demand, she’s booked through September.

“People say that getting their hair done at my salon is like being at a cool slumber party with a bunch of cool girls who like to keep it real,” Perry, 35, told The Post. 

Jenna Perry is the chic hair colorist behind the manes of Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and more.
She’s a tress-ure! Jenna Perry is the chic hair colorist behind the manes of Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and more.
Stefano Giovannini

The Rhode Island native, who charges upwards of $600 for full highlights, says her focus is on bringing out her clients’ sexy side.

“My favorite thing in the world is when a girl comes back [after I do her hair], and is like, ‘I got laid last night, and I think it’s because of my hair,’ ” she said. “That’s what we want, we want to bring out the best version of you, but also just enhance your features, your personal style.”

With dreams of being a beautician since she was old enough to use the scissors for cutting her Barbie doll’s hair, Perry moved to the Big Apple after graduating high school in 2005.

“I worked at a few salons, assisted at fashion week, assisted some major stylists,” she said. “I thought I wanted to be a barber at one point . . . I did wedding styling. I’ve got a lot of tricks up my sleeve, but I love painting hair — that’s my passion.”

While Perry was working at downtown salon White Rose Collective in 2018, she received a message on Instagram from Jen Atkin, an LA-based hairstylist famous for doing the hair of the Kardashian-Jenners. Could Jenna color Bella Hadid’s hair in NYC before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show?

Perry painted the money pieces of model Bella Hadid's hair with eye-popping electric red coloring as a part of the "E-girl" trend that's set to be all the rage this summer.
Jenna Perry painted the money pieces of model Bella Hadid’s hair with eye-popping electric red this fall.

Perry headed to Hadid’s house, gave the model a rich, chocolate brown ‘do and the rest is hair history. Since then, Hadid’s been one of her most consistent clients, experimenting with bright blond, creamy caramel and even a daring Y2K “E-Girl”-inspired look that went viral this past fall: electric red and orange pieces at the front of her mane.

But risks like that polarizing style are what draws famous faces to Perry: “Once I broke out of my shell and found that confidence and was unapologetic — like, I’m gonna do what I think looks good — that’s when everybody started coming to me,” she said.

With her model clients in mind, Perry opened her own spot, Jenna Perry Hair — nicknamed “JPH” — on Ninth Street during New York Fashion Week in September 2019. “My girls and I were scrubbing the floors until the day fashion week started,” she said.

The work was worth it: The first gal to strut through her doors was Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt.

“She needed to get her hair touched up because she had a show,” Perry said. “Things just skyrocketed from there.”

Emily Ratajkowski's hair keeps its glossy glow thanks to Perry.
Emily Ratajkowski’s hair keeps its glossy glow thanks to Perry.

Now, she counts nearly a dozen boldface names as regulars, including chic actors Chloë Sevigny and “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Emily Di Donato, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, and has a partnership with Monday hair care, an Aussie cool-girl brand which just launched in the US.

Perry and her staff ask incoming clients to send in a picture of their hair, as well as a snap of their hair-color idol, which, more often than not, is one of Perry’s clients — her Instagram page is like Pinterest for her customers, she said. From there, the crafty cosmetologists curate a custom color palette.

Doing the ‘dos of the most dynamite ladies of the day comes with the perk of connecting with each of them on a personal level. 

“I definitely love talking with my girls and giving them good advice while they’re getting their hair done,” she said. 

“Since the pandemic, Bella and I have been sharing a lot of meditation tips that help us stay centered and grounded.”

And as for the hottest hair trends of the summer? Perry says it depends on the girl.

“My clients are really embracing their natural color and just adding some extra love to create that glow in [the] skin,” Perry said, adding that she hopes to get her hands on Hailey Bieber’s hair sometime soon.

“Then there are the clients who want to be vibrant kickass red and just wanna be the center of attention.”