Louis Vuitton launches LV Escale collection of bags, shoes and more

LV Escale “Speedy Bandoulière 30” bag, $2,220 at Louis Vuitton, 1 E. 57th St.Photo by Jonathon Kambouris; Prop Stylist: Miako Katoh.

In uncertain times, many of us dream of escape, perhaps to a far-away beach, where the sun shines and salt water laps softly against bare legs.

Such is the inspiration behind Louis Vuitton’s just-launched collection for spring, aptly named LV Escale, which translates to a stopover on a journey. The tie-dye printed goods (including ready-to-wear, accessories and swimwear) range from deep blue to warm pink colorways.

Reinventions of the French label’s greatest hits — like this “Speedy” carryall, now finished in cheerful pastels — suggest happier days ahead.