This Disney ‘Mulan’ shoe collaboration is kickass warrior wear

Now, this is how to warrior pose.

Designer Ruthie Davis created an exclusive line of shoes with Disney inspired by “Mulan” to channel your inner warrior. The collaboration, which includes five designs — two that come in both black and red colorways — ranging from $398 to $898, is available to purchase exclusively on the New York designer’s website.

To celebrate the live-action film starring Yifei Liu as the titular heroine, all shoes in Davis’ Mulan collection will be 40% off for one day only on Sept. 4 when the movie drops on Disney+ as part of the streaming service’s new Premier Access platform, reported Insider.

“I often use words of empowerment on my shoes so that when a woman puts them on, she feels fortified and ready to tackle the world,” Davis wrote of the collection, which first launched in March, on her site. “It was easy to choose the word to put on the styles in my Disney x Ruthie Davis ‘Mulan’ collection — ‘Warrior.’ I have never been more inspired by female strength and courage than what I experienced watching Mulan in Disney’s ‘Mulan.’ ”

The “Warrior 1,” which comes in black and red versions, is a cutout platform boot with a 5.5-inch clear PVC heel and includes the words “Warrior” and “Woman” on each shoe’s outsole. The “Warrior 2” is a black-and-white leather wedge platform sneaker with the word “Warrior” prominently emblazoned on the front, while the “Warrior 4” is a black-and-white platform high-top with the word stamped on the side. Clocking in at nearly 6 inches, the “Warrior 3” is a sleek lace-up boot with “Warrior” and “Woman” boldly printed on the heel and outsole. In black and red options, the “Warrior 5” is a strappy sandal with a removable “Warrior” graphic on the ankle strap.

It’s also not the first time Davis, beloved by fashion royalty like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, was inspired by Mulan. In 2018, for the animated classic’s 20th anniversary, the designer launched a Mulan collection of sneakers, platforms and heels. She also worked with Disney the previous year on a capsule collection drawing from 11 princesses as well as launches for 2019’s “Aladdin” and “Frozen 2.”