Tiger King fashion inspired by Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin

You’ve binged the show. You’ve seen the memes. Now it’s time to bring a little “Tiger King” fashion into your work-from-home, coronavirus-lockdown life.

Who better than Joe Exotic — with his Lisa Frank-leopard shirts, tight white pants, inexplicable EMT bomber jacket and that runaway eyebrow ring — to guide us through our sartorial time of need?

Or Carole Baskin? A queen of catleisure kaftans and holier-than-thou flower crowns may be the style icon we deserve right now.

And if you’re not secretly coveting one of Doc Antle’s harem “uniforms” (stolen straight from the “ThunderCats” wardrobe trailer), I don’t think we can be friends.

Carole Baskin (left) and Barbara "Bala" Fisher from Netflix's Tiger King.
Carole Baskin (left) and Barbara “Bala” Fisher.Netflix

Even Jared Leto is letting his inner Tiger King run free, while fans are freaking out over Miley Cyrus and Joe Exotic sporting the same ‘do.

Look, we’ve been through a lot. With a lot worse set to come. Let’s just go ahead and embrace some Big Cat Energy. Right meow.

Sequin of events

Much like Joe Exotic, we’ve got cat-scratch fever for ombre sequins. A perfect option for filming your own revenge-plot music video at home.

Amen sequin top at Farfetch

Amen cropped sequin top, $243 at Farfetch

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Stay pawsitive

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens — live your best Carole Baskin life in a billowy Persian leopard look.

Camilla Ziba Ziba robe

“Ziba Ziba” kimono, $699 at Camilla

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Fringe element

Get armed and dangerous with an Oklahoma-chic tasseled topper.

Zara fringe denim jacket

Fringe denim jacket, $70 at Zara

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Kitten with a whip

What to wear for your next Zoom date and/or exotic-animal park job interview? A meow-velous mini dress, naturally.

The Attico mini dress from Farfetch

The Attico mini dress, $729 at Farfetch

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Battle royal

If you’re not sporting a flower crown while you rule over your pack of housecats, you can’t sit with us.

Icing flower crown

Flower crown, $13 at Icing

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Office cougar

Show your work-from-home style stripes in a bow-bedecked bodysuit.

ATU Body Couture bodysuit at Farfetch

ATU Body Couture animal print bodysuit, $439 at Farfetch

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Boot-scoot boogie

Forget those boring #stayhome slippers, it’s time to kick up trouble with boots that scream “I could still be a country star!”

Jeffrey Campbell "Looney-2" boots
Jeffrey Campbell

“Looney-2” boots, $220 at Jeffrey Campbell

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Throw shade

The perfect accessory for a bleach-blonde mullet and a conspiracy theory? Four words: wrap-around mirrored shades.

Oakley "Radar EV Path" sunglasses

Oakley “Radar EV Path” sunglasses, $150 at Macy’s

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Buckle up

Roar into your next work conference call with crystal-encrusted fangs.

Gucci belt at Saks

Gucci “Animalier” belt, $650 at Saks

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Stay fierce

Whether you’re Netflix-and-chilling or hosting a catsquerade ball in your kitchen, this is the purr-fect tee.

Lisa Frank "Forrest" t-shirt
Lisa Frank

“Forrest” t-shirt, $25 at Lisa Frank

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Queen of the jungle

Throw your enemies to the lions! Or, um, just lead the fashion pack with a 14-k yellow-gold, diamond-studded pendant.

Retrouvai loin pendant at Five Story
Five Story

Retrouvai lion medallion necklace, $2,590 at Five Story

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Eye of the storm

In the profound words of Twitter’s @abygrrl189: “I don’t know how you guys are doing, but I am barely hanging in there. Like Joe Exotics eyebrow ring.”

Rebel Bod "Animal Lover" eyebrow earring
Rebel Bod

“Animal Lover” eyebrow ring, $13 at Rebel Bod

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